Anti-Corruption Intergroup: Swift ratification of Rule of Law conditionality needed

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Anti-Corruption Intergroup: Swift ratification of Rule of Law conditionality needed

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Faced with a sound proposal on tying the disbursement of EU funds to the rule of law, the Hungarian and Polish governments have resorted to holding the EU budget and the corona recovery fund hostage. Not only does their illiberal crusade go against the core EU principles, it also further harms European governments’ abilities to help citizens cope with the dire consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. The longer access to the EU’s recovery funds is delayed, the more harm is done.  

The Anti-Corruption Intergroup therefore firmly calls on the Council and its German presidency not to give in to the Hungarian and Polish blackmail. Any concession that would undermine the recent agreement on the Rule of Law mechanism should not be accepted. Adherence to the Rule of Law is not a matter of negotiation.

The Intergroup asks the Council to respect the compromise reached by the co-legislators and calls on the Council to adopt the Rule of Law mechanism as soon as possible so as not to jeopardize its entry into force on 01 January 2021. In line with the statement made by the Parliament’s leaders two weeks ago, we repeat that no further concessions will be made on our side.

The Intergroup takes note of the Hungarian and Polish disregard for the Community method. If their resistance persists, the Intergroup calls on the Council to answer in kind and explore other options, including through means of enhanced cooperation or considering an intergovernmental Recovery Fund supported by the coalition of constructive Member States, advancing towards a solution that does not compromise on the respect for the Rule of Law.